Saturday, March 05, 2005

A blog is born.

Welcome to Enchiridion, my very own blog. The name is inspired by Alfred the Great, one of my heroes. King Alfred used to carry a little book around with him which he called his enchiridion, or handbook. During his study time every day, he would copy into the book any little tidbits he found interesting: poems, quotations, Bible verses, and so on.

That's basically the idea of this blog. I'm going to post my favorite poems, commentary on them, and any other neat stuff I find. I used to post poems on the door of my dorm room, but no one was reading them, and one of the goals of my life is to get people to read more poetry. And when searching for Hopkins online, I found they didn't have all of the really good poems anywhere on the Web. So I felt it my Christian duty to remedy, at least in part, that deplorable situation.

Therefore, I pronounce Enchiridion hereby my official blog. Long may it prosper! Special thanks to the Baggage Boy to the Cowpope and all my friends at Fiddleback Fever and to Meredith (of Basia Me, Catholica Sum renown). Without all of you I would still not know what a blog is, and therefore would still be stuck posting poetry on my door.

About me:
* I am a student at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.
* I am one of the Fiddleback bloggers.
* I am from the most beautiful place on earth, the Pacific Northwest.
* I am Catholic (and so should everyone be).
* I am a poetry fanatic, as will soon become, I think, very apparent.

Thank you all and happy reading!

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Sean said...

Well good for you Sheila.
Here's to this blog's success!