Sunday, September 03, 2006


All right, I have barely any time, but I thought I'd give my faithful readers a few pictures from bella Roma.

The SPQR manhole covers . . . I love 'em. It stands for Senatus Populusque Romanus, the old motto of the Roman empire. (The Roman Senate and People.)

A blurry St. Peter's, on the way back from our classroom.

Mama mia, I'd better go before this internet cafe charges me for another hour. I promise more pictures soon!


Dr. Thursday said...


I am so glad you are there! Please pray for me and the other bloggers in that holy place!

The SPQR cover is about the funniest thing I have EVER seen. I wonder if it leads to the Cloaca Maxima... hee hee.

I hope your time goes well, and look forward to hearing more.

Meredith said...

Hi Sheila!

::waves frantically::

Isn't Rome such a weird, wonderful time-warp? I'm so glad you're there! Tell Stephanie and Sarah and John and Dave that I said hi...

Sheila said...

I hear Rome still uses some of its original plumbing . . . which is why you can't drink the tap water.

Of course I'll pray for all y'all.

This is funny: it says, "Meredith ha detto . . . " and, "Dr. Thursday ha detto . . . " Then above my box it says "Lascia il tuo commento." I think I'll hit the "accedi e publica" button next. Italian computers are fun.

Santiago said...

man, I was in Rome at the same time you were!

I've never been to Front Royal. But we were both in Rome at the same time. Isn't life strange?

I drank some of the tap water once!

The Roman subways are freaking depressing, tho.

White Phantom said...

I *sniff* miss you *sniff, sniff* a lot. *bursts into tears*

Sheila said...

Oh, poor WP! We miss you too! Rome has a hard time being Rome without you!

Daniel A. said...

"I hear Rome still uses some of its original plumbing . . . which is why you can't drink the tap water."

I heard that you very much can drink the tap water there, just like you can't in other cities in Italy. Certainly you can drink the water from the fountains, and it seems that many people do. I brushed my teeth with tap water and even drank some.

Sheila said...

I drink the tap water too. I hope I don't get lead poisoning. The "acqua potabile" fountains on the street corners are the best source, they say, but when you want a drink in the middle of the night, you drink whatever you can find.