Monday, October 09, 2006

The Best Artist

My trip through Assisi, Siena, and Florence convinced me of one thing, if nothing else: while man's art is good, no one can outdo God. So, a lot of nature pictures for you.

Sunset over the Arno, in Florence.

View from Assisi.

Views from La Rocca, the fortress above Assisi.


Ria said...

Wow, those are gorgeous as pictures. They must have been simply stunning in real life.
I really need to go to Italy some day. (:

White Phantom said...

They are awesome picture, but I want to see pictures of Sheila.

Andreth said...

Hear, hear!

Sheila said...

Um, I have one or two . . . It's hard to take pictures of oneself on one's one camera. Coriel has some of the back of my head -- still no good. I'll try to post the ones I have next time if these people at the internet cafe would be kind enough to give me a computer where my jump drive can plug in. :(