Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In the Orient

by St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus

In the Orient a star appeared
And we follow its mysterious course.
Blessed star, its brightness discloses to us
That the King of Heaven is born on earth.

Heaven protects us,
And our procession
Follows the brilliant star,
Braving rain and snow!...

Let each one get ready...
The star is coming to rest!...
Let the celebrating begin,
Let us adore the Child!...

* * *

Christmas isn't over yet--we still have at least till the Baptism of the Lord! Right now I'm thinking about Epiphany, about those magi who left their homes and traveled a long journey with no knowledge that there was only a humble dwelling and a poor child at the other end. Yet in the divine scheme of things, gold, frankincense, and myrrh don't seem out of place in the poor home of the Holy Family. The Child made everything right.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Thanks, Sheila. Finally I think I can see why I feel "Scientist" is the right word to describe these Magi, these Wise men.

As true scientists do, they followed their data, whatever it was, wherever it led... to its final, surprising, unexpected, and (in some sense) not very dramatic conclusion. Most science, yes, even the coolest science, is like that. But at the end, the conclusion, the terminal - is The Truth - and that makes right all the rest, the boring exhausting journey, the gifts way out of proportion to the ultimate discovery - and yet quite suitable.. and so on.

I wish I had time to write this up in verse.... maybe someday. If not me, someone else.

--Dr. Thursday

Sheila said...

Maybe me? :) I doubt I could though. I lack your gift of making science poetic.