Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Someone does not want me to bring this blog back. As soon as I wrote the title, I kid you not, the baby woke up. But he is snoozing again, and here I go.

My last post was six months ago. I write that in some shock. I knew posting was going to get less frequent, and maybe take a bit of a break, but I never meant to let this space lie fallow for so long. Lately I have been doing things much deeper than poetry, but I still need that "moment of peace" that poetry provides. And I'm sure you, my gentle readers, do too. So I apologize for leaving you poetry-less for so long.

Of course you are always welcome to read my other blog, but perhaps you've seen it and said to yourself, "But I don't have a kid and am not really interested in the play-by-play of baby life! I want POETRY!" And of course I don't want to be a case in point of how women always drop their intellectual life at the side of the road when they have kids.

Part of what's delayed me so long is that I have a contest open. I've picked the winner, but I also promised to post my own entry, and I hate my own entry. I kept saying I was going to revise it and then post it, but it's unfair to leave my blog on hold just because I'm stuck on this one poem. So I'll post it as-is, and perhaps revise it later.

I leave you with an excerpt from Yeats' "A Prayer for My Daughter":

May she become a flourishing hidden tree
That all her thoughts may like the linnet be,

And have no business but dispensing round

Their magnanimities of sound,

Nor but in merriment begin a chase,

Nor but in merriment begin a quarrel.

O may she live like some green laurel,

Rooted in one dear perpetual place.

Those of you who have children -- what are your prayers for them?


some guy on the street said...

Hooray! I'm glad to be reading here again!

I have no children --- but a guy can dream, yes? Prayers... we must pray that he may know, love, and serve God, for that is God's purpose in our life here; and that he may be a sign and image of God's glory, for that is our created nature, though we are fallen.

Or did you want us to cast that into verse?

Sheila said...

Haha, no obligation, though getting my readers to write poetry is one of my (secret) goals for this blog! So go right ahead if you're inspired.

It's good to be writing here again.