Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Chesterblogg

GKC's Favourite

All right, in the interests of doing something new and different . . .

Just kidding. I wouldn't do something for that reason alone. I'm posting this link to this very good Chestertonian blog for a few good reasons:

1. He posts Chesterton poetry (and other good Chestertonian stuff).

2. He reads some of the same blogs I do, which shows he has good taste.

3. He has put me down on his side bar as a niece of "Aunt Frances." This makes me feel very special. But I actually do have a great-great-Auntie Francie (still living), and have for some time, and so I suppose I ought to have always felt special.

4. He is the only person I have found on the blogosphere who has actually made use of the clever pun available on Frances Chesterton's maiden name (which was Blogg).

All of these are reasons why you should go there and check it out.

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Dr. Thursday said...

Dear Enchiridion,

I bow with real admiration, and with gratitude to a dear niece of Uncle Gilbert and Aunt Frances - I mean our common aunt, not your very own special one - wow , a great-great aunt!

I'm glad you find my work amusing; if I tend to emphasise the technical and scientific, it is only to partially offset the extremely heavy (hee hee) literary, philosophical, historical, theological, ... uh - but then I write about those things too. But then - that is to be expected from a Chestertonian!

I look forward to reading more of your own work. My best wishes to you and the others at Christendom!