Wednesday, May 24, 2006


by G.K. Chesterton

God made thee mightily, my love,
He stretched His hands out of His rest
And lit the star of east and west,
Brooding o'er darkness like a dove
God made thee mightily, my love.

God made thee patiently, my sweet,
Out of all stars He chose a star,
He made it red with sunset bar
And green with greeting for thy feet.
God made thee mightily, my sweet.

* * *

Another of Chesterton's love poems for Frances. It's a beautiful thought, that all of creation was leading up to Frances, that the green of the world was only made to greet her feet.

*sentimental sigh*


James CT said...

Chesterton's poetry is great, especially his love poetry, religious poetry and satire. Its a shame only the Ballad of the White Horse and Lepanto seem commonly read.

Santiago said...

:: sigh ::

Sheila said...

Yes, a crying shame. I mean to post a lot more Chesterton poetry this summer.